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He is, after all, Chinese. As a narrator, the young girl often spends pages describing thoughts and feelings. The wedding proceeds in very festive mood, in sharp contrast to the Chinaman's demeanor, and the girl watches, impassive.

In the first version of Avital Inbar's Hebrew translation Maariv publishers, , there is page 11 an excerpt, dictated by Margaret Duras on the phone to her translator. It's not the shoes, though, that make the girl look so strangely dressed. Compelled by the circumstances of her upbringing, this girl, the daughter of a bankrupt , manic depressive widow, is newly awakened to the impending and all-too-real task of making her way alone in the world. And what should we, as readers, be hoping for as we read this story? This is what the girl means to escape. Almost a decade later it was adapted to film Mostly they are bitter and fearful. That new face, I kept it. It's kept the same contours, but it's like it is destroyed. That elliptical, dreamlike tone is characteristic of the novel. In fact, they relish their prohibited love. In the course of the film, we are shown three such encounters, each for different reasons. It's a dress I remember.

Hiroshima Mon Amour, the story of a wartime love affair between a French actress and a Japanese architect, received an Academy Award nomination, and inDuras won France's highest cinematic honor, the Cinema Academy Grand Prix for her film India Song.

Except to men.

The lover book vs film

Wearing a sleeveless sack of an old silk dress and her adored hat a man's fedoraher hair in pigtails and her lips caked with the brilliant red lipstick she puts on when out of her mother's sight, Ms.

In fact, they relish their prohibited love. Shelves: read-in Inspired by Richard 's commitment to multi-lingual reading and blogging, I've decided to try to work on my languages as well, and read more novels in the original French. He tells her that he couldn't even marry her now if he wanted to: she's no longer a virgin.

This is what the girl means to escape.

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This is immediately followed by a flashback to an afternoon in , on the Mekong River shore. Considering that last year's pick, J. Through the voice of Miss Moreau, the Duras presence is never forgotten. He scarcely speaks to her any more. We return to the ferry, where the Chinaman offers the girl a lift to Saigon. This is what the girl means to escape. All her life, in one form or another, Marguerite never stopped telling the story of the lover. Another difference between the film and the book version of The Lover is the narration. She arranges a dinner in town for her family to meet her lover. The hot monsoon nights, the flooded rice fields, the night sounds of the young Vietnamese night guards singing outside the gates of the main character's colonial boarding school - presenting all this to the audience front-and-center brings it to the foreground, and persuades the reader to concentrate on it, to see it. This film is rated R. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Tony Leung Mother. With the shoes it must have been much the same, but after the hat. The situation the lovers find themselves in is truly romantic and tragic.

The final effect is unexpectedly sad, but in a way that has nothing to do with pity. A book that becomes one of the best sellers she had written.

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If the affair created a scandal, this greater social distance would have exacerbated it. She was a resilient self-made woman, more than able to get on her feet again after an economic disaster. Besides, following their first sexual encounter, he says that since she is no longer a virgin, he can no longer accept her as his wife. You should always read the book first because it…. If L'enfant is more or less engaging in sex work, does that mean she doesn't love Le Chinois? Annaud demonstrates real authority in his treatment of this material. He strikes up a conversation with the girl; she accepts a ride back to town in his chauffeured limousine. He is betrothed to a proper Chinese girl. She accepts. A section that does not appear in any other version of the book. The girl wears an old sleeveless silk dress, gold-spangled high-heels, and a man's pink fedora decorated with a black ribbon. The film stays within its prescribed bounds. The film focuses more on a single story line. The mother is waiting for her after her sexless assignations, to see how much money she had been given.

Follow him on Twitter brimastroianni. A section that does not appear in any other version of the book. Whatever her years, Ms.

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Over time, however, as the two grow more intimately acquainted, nuance gives way to salacious and unmitigated obsession, as he unleashes his pent-up inhibitions and loses himself in the pleasures of this unaffected and unabashed young woman. I think it suits me. Though "The Lover" hasn't much time to characterize the girl's family, enough is sketched in to give a sense of what her mother and brothers are like. And speaking of oppression: the racial dynamics among the transplanted white French, colonized Vietnamese, and wealthy landowning Chinese are another whole fascinating subject. The rich husky Moreau voice perfectly calls up the image of the aging Duras, sitting at her desk as she writes, remembering her youthful prettiness and virtually the exact moment at which that prettiness vanished, seemingly overnight, leaving, in her words, "a destroyed face. If L'enfant is more or less engaging in sex work, does that mean she doesn't love Le Chinois? Set against the backdrop of French colonial Vietnam, with all the faith and fervor of its native text, The Lover reveals the intimacies and intricacies of a clandestine romance between a pubescent girl from a financially strapped French family and a much older and much wealthier Chinese man. More From This Author. The novel is an interior monologue so sparely written that the characters aren't even named.
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The North China Lover by Marguerite Duras