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For example, they can built-up a new cartoon image for Vietnamese children who is easily to attract by cartoon or colourful advertisement. Customer is often based on some criteria like price, quality and services to evaluate the quality and also the position of a brand.

So, this is the most important force that TCRS have to focus on in order to sell their goods and services.

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Facebook or some ill-famed web site. With the familiar between Chinese food and Vietnamese tastes and also a new style: chicken rice — family style, TCRS has certain advantages in penetrating into the Vietnam market. Fast nutrient eating house rivals KFC. Well, we have had our taste and they would have theirs in due course. Business to consumer a. Check-in with guests to ensure that everything is going well. Psychological cleavage Psychographic cleavage divides consumers on the footing of difference in life style. Normally, customer will be vigilant the products when they hear about TCRS in the first time. In the bill of fare of TCRS.

The study on merchandise quality. It was not excellent, but it was not bad either. Its sales totalled RM55mil last year, It can be: geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation and behavioural segmentation.

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We had expected it to be something special after reading about the 'special chicken rice' in the newspaper.

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There’s no stopping The Chicken Rice Shop