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Specialized classrooms, such as the Mock Trading Room, Sport Polling Center and Market Research Facility, offer real-world experience that will help you land your first job.

Although the majority of health professional schools prefer applicants with a Bachelor of Arts B.

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This means our programs meet national standards for teacher preparation and allow our graduates to succeed in New Jersey and across the nation. As a freshman and sophomore, I learned first-hand about leadership while working as a congressional intern on Capitol Hill. After this point students may begin residency throughout the Hackensack Meridian Health system. At Seton Hall, you learn the importance of possessing integrity, compassion and a commitment to helping others while also helping yourself. One of the wealthiest states in the nation, New Jersey is brimming with opportunity itself. After this point students may begin residency throughout the Hackensack Meridian Health system. Faculty and students have been involved in groundbreaking research, including developing new techniques for separating complex mixtures; using gas and liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify trace impurities in pharmaceuticals and analyze drugs in biological fluids; researching neuroimmunology and investigating how morphine affects the immune system; studying microbes and the influence of pollution on ecological change; observing basic processes that regulate cell growth and inflammation and how cells respond to their environment — the research possibilities are endless. I was in five different clinical settings, getting a first-hand look at the kind of career I wanted to pursue. We endeavor to meet the spiritual needs of all students, regardless of faith. Together with faculty, employer and alumni networks, we provide a practical learning environment to ensure that our students are prepared for professional success.

We look forward to hearing from you! We offer more than 17, internship opportunities, and more than 81 percent of our students have an internship on their resumes before graduation. We offer extensive hands-on opportunities that extend the learning experience outside the classroom, including: writing for The Setonian, our award-winning student newspaper; hosting shows on WSOU, which was recently inducted into the Rock Radio Hall of Fame and is ranked the No.

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Barnabas Hospital, St. It is here that you can begin to take heart and take action. Beginning in sophomore year, our students have extensive experiences in a broad range of schools and classrooms and by the time they graduate, they have gained between and hours of experience, depending upon their program. Our unique approach relies on collaborative learning and classes with other health care professional students and even those in more distant fields such as law. We look forward to hearing from you! An ancient Indian parable speaks of a man with bare feet who wants to walk across a field of thorns and has two options: He can pave a path in the field or he can make himself sandals. And I certainly would not have been given so much funding for my own research. Residency spots in the Hackensack Meridian system are guaranteed for all graduates of the School of Medicine subject to specializations offered by the system.

Saks at norma. It is here that you can begin to take heart and take action. You are already processed as a volunteer with all of the compliance procedures you have already completed.

Seton Hall education programs have a stellar reputation, and many of our graduates serve in leadership positions as principals, superintendents and on education commissions.

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Alum and Students Discuss Journeys Towards Medical School