History essay world war 2

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S is mainly a neutral country but if something happens they are not afraid to fight back. World War II: Causes Perhaps, there were many prerequisites for World War II: Japan's victory over Russia in the Russo-Japanese War opened the door for Japanese expansion in the Asia-Pacific region The US Navy first developed plans to prepare for a naval war with Japan in The Great Depression, and the global recession that followed The coming to power of Hitler and his statement about the injustice of the Versailles Treaty, signed in The creation in of the Luftwaffe, as a direct violation of the treaty Remilitarization of the Rhineland in Anschluss of Austria and the annexation of part of Czechoslovakia Italy's desire to create a Third Rome and Japan's goal to create an independent state with the Pan-Asian sphere of influence 5.

They exterminated Jewsand killed the RomaPolesRussianshomosexuals and other groups.

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It changed how people lived and how other people were viewed. New products. Beginning inthese battles caused massive destruction and loss of life and elevated to prominence places that had previously been unknown.

History essay world war 2

Hitler intended to invade Poland anyway, but first he had to neutralize the possibility that the Soviet Union would resist the invasion of its western neighbour. In general, it was quite positive. Japan prosecuted a brutal war against the Chinese, earning condemnation from the United States and the European powers. Were there places where people suffered more because of the weather? How many POWs were there? The increase demand of cleaner and maid Cox 4 also increase the demand of female immigrations. Specifically, I knew several people that both farmed and saw land ownership as the driver of prosperity. Soon after that, France was divided into occupation zones. The second "superpower" was the Soviet Union. They had to uphold various positions that were usually held by men and reevaluate their roles as homemakers.

What technology came from the war, and how was it used after the war? This resulted in the arrest of Mussolini in the same month.

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The United States of America U.

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Essays on World War II: Interesting Suggestions and Great Ideas