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Besides, he would not sever himself completely. In Chips had had bronchitis and was off duty for nearly the whole of the winter term. It was convenient—that was the main thing. Sometimes they tired him, if too many came at once; but he did not really mind; he could always rest and sleep afterward. With the huge success of this book, James Hilton became a best-selling author. When he had first come to Brookfield he had aimed to be loved, honored, and obeyed—but obeyed, at any rate. Meldrum —came here, and that—umph—was thirty-eight years ago. Just cheeky-like. I can't stand it much longer. CHAPTER 8 And there was always in his mind that spring day in ninety- eight when he had paced through Brookfield village as in some horrifying nightmare, half struggling to escape into an outside world where the sun still shone and where everything had happened differently. She was a governess out of a job, with a little money saved up; she read and admired Ibsen; she believed that women ought to be admitted to the universities; she even thought they ought to have a vote. You've put your life in his hands many a time.

Dear me, I remember Collingwood very well. Herr Staefel, who was leaving for Germany the next day, told Chips he thought the Balkan business wouldn't come to anything.

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Neither had correctly estimated the toughness of Brookfield tradition, and its readiness to defend itself and its defenders. Later, after the Napoleonic Wars and until mid-Victorian days, the School declined again, both in numbers and in repute. JAY-jay Records also have a release of it. To introduce a group of slum boys to the serene pleasaunces of better-class youngsters seemed at first a wanton stirring of all kinds of things that had better be left untouched. Or, rather, he served Brookfield. So, for that matter, had Chips himself. After all, it's nothing very serious. Over the years, old boys wrote to Geoffery Houghton, a master at The Leys and a historian of the school, confirming the links between Chipping and Balgarnie, who eventually died at Porthmadog at the age of Brookfield, as Wetherby had said, was an old foundation; established in the reign of Elizabeth, as a grammar school, it might, with better luck, have become as famous as Harrow. Sorry to hear about it, for your sake—but I want you to know that the Governors are with you to a man.

Curious, in this deeper sense, how little it HAD changed. The post-War decade swept through with a clatter of change and maladjustments; Chips, as he lived through it, was profoundly disappointed when he looked abroad.

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He had not, therefore, expected to find a woman on Great Gable; but, having encountered one who seemed to need masculine help, it was even more terrifying that she should turn the tables by helping him.

They had both been so eager, planning a future together; but he had been rather serious about it, even a little awed.

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It came to prominence when it was reprinted as the lead piece of the April issue of The Atlantic. Chips often thought, as he sat by the fire at Mrs. But most remarkable of all was the change she made in Chips. But a few— just a few, Chips—want unsticking Wickett's on a November afternoon in thirty-three. More and more he saw the rest of the world as a vast disarrangement for which England had sacrificed enough—and perhaps too much. He had all the new boys to tea. Dare say he has, but a chap like that wants watching. There were several Latin quotations in it, as well as a reference to the Captain of the School, who, Chips said, had been guilty of exaggeration in speaking of his Chips's services to Brookfield. Wickett came in with his cup of tea she did not know whether he had been laughing or crying. He felt very tired; talking to Linford like that had quite exhausted him. He wrote occasional articles, full of jokes and Latin quotations, for the Brookfield terminal magazine. He was different; everyone noticed it. I'm a science man myself, but for all that I have no objection to the classics—provided that they are taught efficiently. Wickett when she entered his room to clear away the remains of the party.

When school reassembled after the holidays he was back at Mrs. It had been a damp, foggy day, and the walk across the quadrangle to the Dining Hall had given him a chill.

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