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Many people would agree with the idea that this set of books would be boring. The significance of questions like these is expressed in the amount of money the consortium is spending on this topic. Computer graphics make static and mobile images of DNA structures possible, which enables both researchers and laypersons better able to visualize and study the genome. Hence, the genome sequencing contributes to the overall improvement of treatment planning However, even in cases with simple patterns of inheritance and unambiguous diagnoses, the relationship between disease phenotypes and their corresponding genetic changes can be complicated Lupski, et al. The Human Genome Project is a international scientific mutual aid to gain a basic understanding of the whole genetic blueprint of a human being The first is recording and storing all the new found information on genomics into one database. However, such use and benefits of the full genome sequencing are not limited to cancer only but the genome sequencing can be applied to other diseases too. Special issues of Nature which published the publicly funded project's scientific paper [48] and Science which published Celera's paper [49] described the methods used to produce the draft sequence and offered analysis of the sequence.

Genome science will have a real impact on all our lives, and even more on the lives of our children. Knowing its entire genetic make-up from beginning to end. The massive amount of data now available allows for more accurate equations on which to base models and the ability to compare predictions with known results.

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The complete set of information present in the form of the genes in an organism forms its genome. In addition, the HGP revealed that there are probably about 20, human genes, which is significantly fewer than originally predicted.

Besides sequencing human DNA, Genome Project researchers are developing new sequencing technologies and conducting studies of human genetic variation, genomic function, and genomic analysis of model organisms.

Genome sequencing essay

Besides the United States Department of Energy and the National Institute of Health, several universities across the United States were involved in the Project, along with various other countries These are just some questions that people raise when talking about the human genome.

A seemingly harmless collection of information from the Human Genome Project.

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So people will still have to exercise and eat right to control blood pressure and reduce other problems. From then on, we knew exactly what makes us human: a string of code telling our cells what to do.

This project was started to find the 80, -human genes and to determine the sequence of the 3 - billion chemical bases that make up human DNA.

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I can well imagine technology making the wheel obsolete. This is then stitched together using computer programs to have the final copy of the fully sequenced genome. Can the information produced by it become a beneficial asset or a moral evil? An enzyme called DNA polymerase and radioactively labeled versions of the four nucleotides of the genetic code—thymine T , cytosine C , guanine G , or adenine A —are then used to extend the length of each bound primer one nucleotide at a time based on the sequence of the template Reynolds, Scientists are trying to change how DNA sequences can be altered to allow us to eliminate diseases in the unborn embryo. These patterns of adenine, thiamine, guanine and cytosine are the only things that differ one human from the next. Although the working draft was announced in June , it was not until February that Celera and the HGP scientists published details of their drafts.
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Human Genome Essay