Differences between mandarin and english

Unlike English, Chinese is a tone language.

differences of english and chinese as written languages and strategies in english writing teaching

But two important differences emerged. Provocative though the results might be, they raise questions for future research. The Chinese characters are the writing forms of the Chinese terms. Meanwhile English is evidently becoming the international language and it is an indisponsible tool to communicate with other nations.

In logographic systems symbols represent the words themselves - words are not made up of various letters as in alphabetic systems.

Just imagine being in a restaurant reading a menu in this language and ordering it in prefect mandarin to the Chinese server. Chinese learners, therefore, may experience serious difficulty in comprehending texts containing such verbs and avoid attempting to use them themselves.

chinese vs english translation

The last one is that you can hear the right pronunciations of some Chinese expressions by clicking on them. Chinese learners find it difficult to hear the difference between l and r, and so may mispronounce rake and rice as lake and lice.

chinese vs english sentence structure

On the other hand, in English as in all the other alphabetic writing languages, the words are combinations of letters. What they have is logographic system which is used in written language.

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Language differences: English