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By the eighteenth century, the region contained colonies that were vitally significant for all of the European powers for the reason that the colonies generated great wealth from the production and sale of sugar. The loss of native peoples and the introduction of the plantation system had immediate and permanent reprocussions on the islands. As a result, describing and defining the Caribbean is a much more difficult task than it appears on the surface. This book is a compilation of essays written over two decades and that deal exclusively with the Caribbean. The fragility of these systems also has been underscored in the s by a reliance on violence for political ends. References Sidney W. The death toll was over two hundred thousand people. The Caribbean remains fragmented both economically and politically as a result of competition and conflict among the European powers. The colonies all have some type of autonomy that distinguishes their status from the crude colonialism of the past. Ian Randle Publishers; Kingston Jamaica, The result of all these immigrations is a remarkable cultural heterogeneity in contemporary Caribbean society. The Slave, Stealing Act of Grenada The plantation system thrived and expanded through the following years centuries , and the Caribbean became the focus of American slave centers, "The planters of the Caribbean bought about sixty percent of all the slaves sold to the Americas be According to Nagel, G. However, the author relates various instances of slave stealing and the removal of mortgaged slaves to Trinidad which gave rise to this Act being passed.

Nearly everything that defines the Caribbean today can be traced back to the advent of Africans to the sugar plantations several centuries ago. The leader, Maurice Bishop, was dynamic and charismatic. Their neighbors were looking for something to do on vacation and decided to go on a cruise.

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The s and s witnessed the attempts by Caribbean democracies to assert their independence during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. James had been Neville Cardus 's deputy as the Manchester Guardian 's cricket correspondent in the s.

Additional comparative analysis will be necessary to explore whether rising overall crime rates and visitor victimization are inevitable with mass progress, or whether crime rates are more influenced by island-specific determinants. Three people have taken it upon themselves to portray the Caribbean in their own ways The chapter describes the Jamaican labor force and agricultural sector.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Political succession commonly has been handled peacefully and democratically. The varying perceptions of the Caribbean will often contradict each other in numerous ways, while at the same time showing agreement in some areas.

Its incredibly heterogeneous population and its social racial base make it a very difficult place to, for instance, live and raise a family.

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Nutritionists will make the claim that a great majority of the foods that immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin America are unhealthy and is the cause for chronic disease in immigrants It was the worst earthquake to hit the region in two hundred years.

More than a few month later, members of the then-disbanded defense force attacked Dominica's police headquarters and prison in an attempt to free the coup participants.

The lands are inhabited by descendants of stranded slaves and ambitious explorers who embrace a sense of freedom and zest for life. Students gain a better understanding of how Caribbean people perceive themselves, and how perceptions about the Caribbean are constructed by outsiders. It is much easier to do an assignment when you are acknowledged with the theme and are fully aware of it. The loss of native peoples and the introduction of the plantation system had immediate and permanent reprocussions on the islands. Lynn Francisco at , or, efrancisco flagler. Lucia and St. The era of slavery which occurred in the Caribbean during the 16th to 19th centuries put into place a social and political order which formed the social structure and class related lifestyles of the plantation system. Nevertheless, a circumspect examination of the OECS member states inadvertently reveals that in spite of our rich combined cultural heritage and abundant natural resources, we as a collective group are not doing enough to promote sustainable use of our local products and natural resources and thus, w As new colonization was established, new cultures and languages were introduced.
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