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It could be a personality preference, but more likely it is the reactions of others that convince a person that the behavioral norms of one of the cultures work more smoothly or achieve goals more effectively in the given circumstances.

In , British North America Act was passed to legalize to conversing in English as well as French in Canadian Parliament as well as Courts of Law, thereby paving the way for a bicultural state. Values Essay - Money can be misinterpreted from our values. Hence, a bicultural person would have the ability to relate to members of both cultures as well as act according to the demands of both cultures. In the U. It is classified into lexical, phonological, semantic, prosodic, tonemic, syntactic and pragmatic transferences. London: The Telegraph. For instance, in the US, young immigrants are either more educated or less educated native-born American students since immigrants from Asian countries are relatively well-educated compared to their South American counterparts, as a result of to social and economic differences. For someone bilingual to an extent in Japanese and English, for example, being bicultural is like being able to see the same situation through both Japanese and Western eyes, then having the choice of which way to respond. Even more so at school, reading the atmosphere kuki o yomu has become an imperative for self-protection, with students and even teachers finding that the path of least resistance is to side with bullies. When I would get into trouble as a child I would often try to lie to my mom thinking that would save me from being punished It is so important to young people to stay connected with their peer group that they keep their mobile phones switched on even at night.

Conclusion Even more than becoming bilingual, if not started as a small child, becoming bicultural seems to be both an advanced attainment and difficult to understand if one has not experienced it. Jared Keengwe discusses the growing conflict of diversity in American classrooms.

Retrieved March 20,from Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia. Appearances trigger automatic assumptions about others, which can make communication difficult for someone with a Japanese face who is not fluent in Japanese, or for someone who does not look Japanese but is fluent in Japanese.

bicultural identity

That being said, America does practices biculturalism on a social level as immigrants from various countries are freely allowed to practice their religion and exhibit their cultural identity. Under such circumstances, bilingualism is not seriously considered the goal that it should be, let alone biculturalism.

Bicultural countries have official policies to protect the interest of both cultures.


There are several types of approaches and programs available to carry out bilingual education.

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Questions On Bilingual And Bicultural Essay