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Francis was famous for his love of all creation. This is to make sure that the reader is continuously focused on this particular individual. But now, dressed in shining armor and mounted on a splendid horse, Francis rode off, eager for victory and glory. A disabled beggar sits slumped outside the beautiful church of St Francis in Assisi which is located in Italy.

Norman McCaig starts each verse with reference to a character or a group of people. Francis called the group Friars Minor, which means lesser brothers. There he sold the cloth and the horse as well.

speech on st francis of assisi

The number of companions, or brothers, grew rapidly. It was they who had passed the ruined temple outside This metaphor emphasises the ignorance and hypocrisy toward this disabled man.

Then they walked to Rome, where they saw the Pope, and he gave his approval of their way of life.

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St. Francis Of Assisi Essay