A description of the balkan region considered the powder keg of europe

The Ottomans then agreed to the demands of the rebels in Albania in order to focus on the growing threat from the Balkan states. Having long coveted a warm-water port, the Russians were unlikely to stand by and allow the Bulgarians to take it.

Their success, and their nationalist rhetoric, frightened the nonTurkish peoples of the empire, especially Balkan Christians, who looked to the emerging states of that region for support.

The Ottomans also urged their diplomats to end the war in Libya, even on terms favorable to Italy. It comprises Greece, Bulgaria and the western Balkans — Albania and the countries of former Yugoslavia. After the wars, new borders were drawn in the Balkans and new states were formed.

It is also not just the Islamic State. Nor were they able to prevent a bloody conflict between Greece and Turkey from to The Greeks won that race in November, capturing 26, prisoners by using their navy to deny the Ottomans the ability to resupply or evacuate the garrison.

Serbian nationalism grew supported by Russia while the Austro-Hungarian Empire started to feel threatened by a potentially expansionist Serbia. Princip died in prison, but he was a hero to many Serbian people.

balkan peninsula
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Powder keg of Europe